By default our vpn services offer shared IP address and when using dynamic or static shared IP address, you and our other customers are using the same shared public IP address for reaching internet.

In case a website blocks or one of our customer abuses this shared IP address in any form or a shared IP address is under ddos attack, all disadvantages of it affects ALL other customers assigned to this IP address as well. For example if a shared IP was blocked/banned on a website, IRC, game, country etc all other customers using the same shared IP would be blocked/banned as well.If shared IP is under ddos attack it will not be possible to access that IP address until ddos attack stops.

Using an Unshared Dedicated Static IP however, assures that only you and nobody else will be assigned to this IP address therefore it’s your own private IP, at least you can’t be affected of other customer’s misbehaviour. And also if you are using our vpn services for connecting to services which restrict access based on IP address, using unshared dedicated static IP will offer you maximum security since unlike shared IP address only you and nobody else will be assigned to your unshared dedicated static IP address. Shared and Dedicated IP address have no difference in performance, all IPs are equally configured on to the same uplink therefore speed and latency will be same.

Please contact us for the country/location you need unshared dedicated static IP.