We are happy to announce that paypal payment gateway is resumed and below announcement is no longer applicable.

Thank you for your support.

Dear Customers,

Paypal is no longer allowed to operate in turkey and northern cyprus due to financial regulatory rejected paypal's license application. As a result we are no longer be able to receive or send payments via paypal. 

You can continue to pay your invoices by Credit/Debit Cards and several payment methods offered for your country by choosing Paymentwall payment gateway or pay via Bitcoin. Please make sure vpn/proxy is turned OFF while paying via Credit/Debit Cards and alternative payment methods offered for your country or pay via Bitcoin while vpn/proxy is on.

We are trying our best to resume paypal payment gateway however it will take time.You may find further information about paypal's country wide suspension on below link.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, June 6, 2016

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