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VPN Error Code: 609, 633

Error Description:

609: A device type was specified that does not exist.

633: The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly.


Possible Cause: This error usually comes when the connecting VPN device (aka miniport) is not configured properly.

To confirm the issue: From the elevated command prompt, type the following command to confirm the presence of miniport: -

netcfg.exe –q

Following is the Miniport Device name for different tunnels:


L2TP Tunnel: MS_L2TP

Possible Solution:

1. In Windows 7, a built-in diagnostic with repair is provided for the ‘miniport missing’ issue for locally created VPN connections. A ‘Diagnostic’ button is shown on the Error page of the VPN connection. By clicking this button, it will give a ‘repair’ option if it finds the issue to be miniport missing which if clicked will automatically try to fix the issue.

vpn error

2. On Vista or below OS, if the miniport device is missing, you can run the following command from ‘elevated’ command prompt:

a> netcfg.exe -e -c p -i <miniport name>

Details of the <miniport name> is given above.

b> Stop and Start ‘rasman’ (‘Remote Access Connection Manager’) service.

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