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What is SSH Tunnel/Socks Proxy aka Torrent Proxy?

A proxy server, commonly known as a proxy, is simply a computer that acts as an intermediate between your computer and the internet. It basically fulfills the requests of clients on a different computer. For better understanding, you establish a connection with a proxy server with the intent to request for certain services, usually like opening a web page, downloading a file, etc. For instance, if you are restricted access to Facebook from your current location, you can use the proxy websites to bypass this restriction. Any traffic that goes through the proxy server will seem to arrive from its IP address and not from your computer.

SSH Tunnel is the method to create socks proxy.Therefore you can use socks proxy on your supported software such as firefox, chrome, internet explorer , opera, safari, utorrent , bittorent, vuze, deluge, bitcomet etc.

Main advantage of socks proxy over vpn protocols is you choose which application(s) use your direct internet connection or socks proxy, relatively easier setup and speed may be better due to lower overhead.

To be able to use SSH Tunnel/Socks proxy your router or firewall must allow outbound tcp port 22.

We provide SSH Tunnel/Socks proxy on 54 countries and 190 locations in case VPN protocols are not suitable for you.

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