1) Make sure you have created SSH tunnel and it is working.

2) Launch Vuze.

3) Select “Tools” -> ”Options” and Select “Advanced” on the right part of the options tab.

4) Expand “Connection” at the left part and select “Proxy Options” and fill the form following below.

Under “Tracker Communications” – Tick: “Enable proxying of tracker communications”. Also tick: “I have a SOCKS proxy”.
“Port”: 8080
“Username” and “Password”: Make them Empty
Under “Peer Communications” – Tick: “Enable proxying of peer communications”.
Tick: “Inform tracker of limitation”
Choose: “V5″ from the “SOCKS version” drop-down menu.
Tick: “Use same proxy settings for tracker and peer communications proxy”.

5) Click “Save” and restart Vuze.